Author Topic: Disclaimer regarding @ThisWeekCoin's services  (Read 483 times)

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Disclaimer regarding @ThisWeekCoin's services
« on: April 25, 2014, 04:39:47 PM »
@ThisWeeksCoin is a promotion service.

We promote:

1) Coins ( Mainly )
2) Other websites related to Bitcoin/Altcoins
3) Products
4) Also, we're providing coin creation service.

About recent IPO (coin) scams.

We're not affiliated with no other group/coin.

Everyone else is advertising their "product(s)", coins, other websites through our twitter/forum/website.

If we promote any coin which has an IPO, please be safe. Better safe than sorry. USE ESCROWS.
I'd recommend you (;u=76380)
He helped @ThisWeeksCoin / @H2OCoin with our IPO. I can guarantee that he's legitimate and will help you, with whatever you need, regarding his services, if he can.

Had a lot of people telling me to make a disclaimer note about our services, so we protect ourselves.
Took few moments to do so.

We don't know who's a scammer, or who's legitimate. We can't know that. We get paid to promote. That's our role in the crypto-coin "industry".

We don't know who's trying to infect your PCs, or harm you for his own interest. Assume that everyone is against you, that's how you going to protect yourself.
Always scan the wallet/software you're downloading.

Thanks everyone for your time and trust.

If you're interested to promote anything, don't hesitate to PM me here, or at
(;u=204416 )


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