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General Discussion / Best Paying PTC in Bitcoin!!!
« Last post by Lucius on Today at 02:39:45 PM »
Click2Dad is the best PTC site paying in BTC!
You get daily about 30-40 sites to visit from 10 to 60 second,full automatic!

There is also a lottery you can play every 10 minutes,in first you can win 1 or 2 mBTC(100 000 or 200 000 Satoshi) or free refferal.
When play lottery you enter simply captcha,and for every 1000 enters you get 160 000 Satoshi.
Also you get pay for watching videos and for chating ;D

I get payed many times from there,and earned more then all other faucet together.
Withdrawal is available from 1 mBTC on balance,and you can make that easy in 7 days or before if you get on lottery ;)
If you have some adblock, turn them off because you cant see all adds with adblock on.

For any question and help feel free to contact me,good luck ;)

@a_Triswardhani & @Devnullius are proud to present... The 2.0 crypto $GEMS!

gems is a very worthwhile investment projects.
Chinese investors are welcome to join GEMS QQ group: 324155359
Chinese thread:

click on the GIF to see the video!

The beauty of recent developments based on the innovative Bitcoin technology is that they allow the public to claim control over previously centralized endeavours. By creating automated, trustless interactions over the network, we can now build systems that do not require concentrated power to maintain order in. Rather, the power is spread throughout the network and is left in our hands, the active participants in it.

The Bitcoin revolution has brought us control over our money. In this position of control, we are its owners and we decide what to do with it, uninhibited by the interests of those in positions of great influence. Here at Gems, we are attempting to do the same, only with the basic communication method of the Information Age - text messaging.

Current IM applications, such as Skype or WhatsApp, use the information you provide to them for their own benefit. They maintain huge databases characterizing you and your behavior in an attempt to profit from it. From the networks that you create with your friends and family.
In this unique point in time, we are able to take this power from them, and keep the value we create in our networks to ourselves.

By disconnecting the application from its current axiom of generating revenue for its corporate owner, we can move development in the direction of supporting the network and its users. It becomes an ever-evolving social product, shaped to facilitate our need and desire to communicate.

The primary goal of Gems is to make it easy for millions of people to adopt bitcoin and own the networks we build.
Read more about how Gems is going to reclaime social networks from the control of traditional establishments.

Gems is a new 2nd generation cryptocurrency powered by Counterparty. The platform is built on top of Bitcoin.
Gems is The First Social Currency Network.
Gems is a social messaging app bringing crypto-currency to the masses.
Gems is designed from the ground up with this goal in mind.
Gems relies on a Public Sell for initial distribution of the supply. The total amount of Gems in existence is 10'000'000'000 (10 Billion).

Download Mobile App (coming soon)
GEMS is a free mobile app available for iOS and Android. It makes instant messaging with friends fun, simple, secure and profitable.

Guaranteed Features
Fun Keep in touch with friends. Free unlimited instant messaging.
Simple Your passphrase is your wallet. Fully functional in under 30 seconds.
Secure. Be as anonymous as you desire. Communications are always encrypted.
Profitable. Be rewarded for introducing new users to the network.

Possible Features
Voting System: Allows voting inside the client to make community decisions such as which feature will be implemented next.

coming soon

Block Explorer

coming soon.


White Paper


GEMS Giveaway

Giveaway is for 3 Gems Shirts and FREE Gems vouchers:

General Discussion / Re: Feed Virtual chickens Earn Bitcoins
« Last post by goldbit on September 27, 2014, 07:00:40 AM »
Completely free - Everyone starts with a grey chicken which produces 9 eggs an hour, take eggs and sell and convert the silver into Bitcoins. To feed the chicken is easy too, Everyone gets 100 hours free, and feed cost is only 10 silver for roughly 20 more days based off of 1 chicken. Also as a bonus each day you can earn 10-100 silver as a daily bonus. I just started today with my first chicken so any of above information is subject to change. Overall a neat game and unique way to get free Bitcoins.
General Discussion / Feed Virtual chickens Earn Bitcoins
« Last post by goldbit on September 26, 2014, 08:12:00 PM »

Thats right , all you have to do is feed your virtual chickens and get paid in silver which then you can convert to Bitcoins.

Below is the link with my referral id attached. Please disregard the id part if you do not do referrals, but i would appreciate any who do use it.

Another nice Bitcoin Trader sponsorship, Coins in the Kingdom, THE BITCOIN CELEBRATION AT THE WALT DISNEY WORLD RESORT.

Here is the link:

-----We are proud to announce Envy Coin-----
-----50M ICO coins @ Bittrex-----
-----Mining Share Profit Program-----
-----Business Plan-----

V Specifications V
Envy Coin [ENVY]
POW X11 Algorithm
-100- million coins
-50- million ICO
-0- Premine
Asset backed by Hashlet miners from GAW
60 Second Block times
10 Coins per block

   Envy coin is an asset backed Crypto currency focusing on stability and usability. We plan to provide stability by having Envy backed by Hashlet cloud mining. This will provide daily revenue for the coin. These Hashlets will be purchased with funds raised by an initial coin offering (ICO). The profit from the Hashlets will be split as follows: 10% will be reinvested in buying more Hashlets allowing us to stay ahead of the difficulty curve. 5% will be dispersed to the development team. This will allow them to continue developing the coin and allowing them to have funds to pay to be listed on certain site such as exchanges or merchant services. The remaining 85% will be returned to Envy coin holders who have signed up for profit share program. The holders will receive their respective percentage of the profit pool. It will based on your percentage of coins that have signed up. For example, if you have 1 million coins and there are 10 million coins enrolled you will receive 10% of the payout. Our calculation shows that you will earn your initial ICO purchase back within approximately 70 days.

   Having a stabilizing force behind a coin will draw support from merchants and people that are sitting on the sideline of crypto’s because they believe a currency needs to be backed by an asset. Having a more stable currency solves one of the main issues that merchants have with BTC. Therefore we believe we will eventually be able to be listed with numerous large merchant services.

•   The ICO will be 7 days long
•   Price will be 2000 Satoshi per coin
•   Market cap of ICO is $408,000
•   50 million Envy will be sold in ICO
•   Min amount sold 5 million Envy
•   5 BTC will go to reimburse ICO fee
•   The remaining BTC will be transferred Directly to GAW miner
•   Transfers will happen once ICO has ended and Bittrex is satisfied that terms have been met

   The reason for this price is because we wanted the price to be low enough most people can buy whole coins. With this price it sets us at a low enough market cap for what is provided it should have low downside risk. We went for a price that would give a ROI just for holding the coin and not considering the fact that we will aggressively working on getting Envy added to merchant service sites. As of the current condition as I write this our current projections show anyone who buys during the ICO will have ROI in approximately 70 days.

V Mining Profit Share Program | Google Document V

^Document Links^

^Full Size Image Links^

V Main Website V


V Github | Windows | Mac | Linux V
*Wallets available after ICO ends*


V Business Plan V


Development Team & Administration (Organization Plan)

Project Manager- Tom14cat14
Lead Developer- Earlz
Lead Designer- Testing Crypto
Lead Marketer- Sub Contracted

V Block Explorer V


V Pool Name | ADD | ADD | ADD | ADD V
*Mining will start after ICO ends*

Coming Soon...

V CoinMarketCap | CryptoCoinRank | WorldCoinIndex V
Coming Soon...

V Bittrex V


V Twitter | Facebook | Reddit | Kiwi IRC V


V Chinese | Spanish | Italian | Portuguese | Russian | ADD V
Coming Soon...

V Bounties V

^PM Link^

Q.  So why would I buy Envy coin and not just buy Hashlet miners?
A.  You are still buying a coin. This coin will have added value over just Hashlets. We plan to be added to numerous merchant services. I will also be getting a bulk discount to give us more hashpower vs dollars spent than you can get on your own. So even if we are not able to add any value to this coin other than the Hashlets, you will still ROI after approximately 70 days. 

Q.  Why should I trust you?
A.  This is a very good question and hard to answer because no matter what I type some people will be suspicious. I have been nothing but open and honest on the other coins I have run. (TRDR and I took over Firecoin) I have held numerous giveaways, contests and I currently have a small scale profit program with Firecoin. I have always paid on time. The Firecoin profit share Hashlets were purely paid for out of my pocket. I am also confident numerous well respected members would vouch for me if asked too. I have tried to limit the risk for everyone by having the ICO funds be directly transferred to GAW. I also have been in direct communication with GAW miners and if they feel I am trying to pull any scam they will be able to turn me into the authorities.

Q. Why should we trust GAW?
A. I have done a lot of research about GAW including but not limited to looking at Josh’s previous businesses and filling with the correct government agencies for all companies he has been involved in. I have also personally talked with them numerous times, had skype chats with them and required them to furnish government ID without them knowing I was going to ask for it. I have an open invite to visit them and I will be doing that. They have been able to answer all questions I have had to satisfy me that they are not a scam company.

Gems Social Messenger Giveaway Promotion

Gems is a new Whatsapp type of messenger.  Its a new app that users will be rewarded for being active in the network and inviting friends.  They are soon to be live with beta testing and their initial public offering.  Get paid to use the Gems app. Get up to 20 entries.  Every entry for a chance to win a FREE Gems Shirt and 500 will be awarded Gems. 

Enter today:

Multiplication is finished, the multiplier is 1.35. WOOOHOOO. Anniversary discount "anniversary1yr" still seems to work.
Other giveaways / increase your bitcoin
« Last post by gueb on September 23, 2014, 09:25:52 PM »
 INVESTING  bitcoin and gét your bitcoin every 48h

Every detail in sites
Multiplication scheduled for September 23, 21:00 GMT. People, there is still time to buy a few shares.
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